Effective Aspects

Effective Aspects

A comprehensive and well-designed notes and events organizer
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Effective Aspects is a full-featured software application designed to help you keep all your notes, dates, and events neatly organized in an “effective” and efficient way. Contrary to what it may seem, this is not a notes organizer that you can only use for your work schedule – Effective Aspects offers you also a cookbook, a family planner, book and movie libraries, and many other thematic databases.

This program combines an attractive and well-organized interface with a large set of tools that make adding and retrieving data a pleasant and rewarding task. Personally, one of the databases I found most interesting is the one designed to help writers to organize their notes and writings. Effective Aspects comes with a total of dozen databases that range from the expected Office Planner to a Cookbook. Once you have created a new list or file within any of these categories, you will be given a set of both general and specific options to help you organize your records in the most intuitive way possible. Thus, you will be able to add pictures, notes, “sticky notes” (post-it style), alarms, etc., to each new record. You also count with a handy address book – here you can add data about your contacts that will be used by Effective Aspects to remind you of dates, birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

You can configure many of the visual attributes of the program, including the layout of the sticky notes used, the records, the fonts, the colors, etc. You can also organize all your information and your databases in whichever way it fits your needs, and even tell the program to start up automatically with your operating system. Last but not least, security – this comprehensive application comes with its own backup functionality, thus making sure all your data and information is safely stored in your preferred backup device.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Includes a dozen templates for various databases
  • Well-structured and attractive interface


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